Event Date: Saturday, March 23, 2023 @ 3-5PM
Who: FREE and open to the public
Venue: The Ruby, San Francisco
(Exact address will be shared once attendees complete registration. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is required to attend this event.)

Featured AAWAA Members: Terry Acebo-Davis, Sophia Lee, Qinqin Liu, Midori, Kathy Fujii-Oka, Ngân VũSandra Yagi, Fumiyo Yoshikawa

Today, once again, it is raining since the morning, so I decided to take Honey for a walk in the afternoon, believing the weather forecast that it will clear up by then. So, I settled in and started working on my art earlier in the morning. I feel like the series of small pieces I've been gradually preparing since last year for my solo exhibition in Kyoto in the fall of 2025 is starting to take shape.
There is a concept in the universe similar to the Zen philosophy of "Tenchi Doukon/ Everything in Heaven and Earth sharing the same one root," which suggests that all phenomena are connected to one root. It's called the Akashic Records, which is said to store all memories from the past to the present throughout the entire universe. I'm painting this series while imagining what shape and color it would take if such records truly exist.
Speaking of rain, while it is a blessing for drought-stricken California, I worry about the damage if it becomes too unfavorable or turns into a storm. My heartfelt condolences go out to those who are affected by such disasters.
However, as I listen to the sound of rain while pondering the Akashic Records today, memories of my childhood come flooding back. Upon reflection, I realize that when I was a child, I enjoyed walking in the rain more for the simple pleasure it brought rather than seeing it as beneficial rainwater. I loved seeing the concentric circles formed by raindrops hitting the ground, and I enjoyed the unique scent that filled the air when the rain wet the asphalt. Getting new raincoats, umbrellas, or rain boots was always exciting because it meant I could walk in the rain while wearing them. I loved deliberately stepping into puddles or listening to the pitter-patter of raindrops hitting my umbrella.
Each of these memories of mine might be connected and shared with all the memories in the universe. While painting, I contemplate such possibilities.Blog

Feb 07, 2024

"When people experience kindness, it has the power to uplift their spirits and bring joy to their hearts. And the beautiful thing is, you have the ability to bestow kindness upon others as well, igniting a chain reaction of goodwill. This creates a wonderful flow of positive energy and righteousness that ripples outward. With this vision in mind, I have been passionately working on my art series called the "Synergy Spiral," aiming to capture and convey this transformative concept."

23030029 Rasen#1©2023, Fumiyo Yoshikawa,17x21
23030029 Rasen#1©2023, Fumiyo Yoshikawa,17x21

Synergy Spiral / Rasen#123030029FY©2023, Fumiyo Yoshikawa,17x21 inch Sumi-ink on paper